Why choose us

Why choose us?

1. Our employees are seasoned rebar detailers/engineers. They all possess a brilliant career profile which is checked against our standards of employment when they are offered a job.

2. We have recognized projects’ delivering standards and all our employees have to attend minimum 7-days classes in our own high profile ‘Non-profit Institution for Engineering Students’ namely COMPASS INTERNATIONAL prior to embarking on detailing our projects.

3. We use our Auto CAD based Smart Rebar Detailing (SRD) software, this package produces the bar bending schedule automatically from the drawing, ensuring 100% consistency between drawing and schedule, significantly speeds up the detailing, revision and scheduling process.

4. We have a comprehensive component library which enables us to “bolt” items together reducing drawing time and detailing errors.

5. All our detailers are structural engineers with 5+ years+ UAE experience and any new comers have to work under their close supervision for at least one year or until when they complete one full project.

6. We will provide a dedicated detailing team to ensure we deliver on your site programme. We can also provide onsite rebar coordinators if requested to communicate between site and our detailing team and deliver the project more efficiently.

7. We will ensure drawings issued 4 to 6 weeks ahead of your concrete pouring dates, if complete design information is available.

8. We can demonstrate real time/cost savings in drawing production by maximizing elements per GA.

9. We have a recognized checking and detailing procedure fully documented and have “buy in” from all our customers.

10. We focus on quality, quantity and accuracy and produce a better product and provide a superior service than our competitors.

11. We have a wealth of experience in the entire Rebar process from detailing to installation.